Thursday, 16 April 2009

A Colony On Mars : Chapter 23

. Thursday, 16 April 2009

CHAPTER – The Hour Glass
November 30, 2108: the tunneling crew broke through into their 4th
cavern. This was another large and beautiful cavern similar to Paradise. It was
almost a perfect hour glass in shape and as luck would have it they had broken
through right at the thin part of the hour glass. When the powerful portable
lights were shined in both directions they saw stalagmites, stalactites, and
columns in every direction. It was later established that the hour glass had
about 22 square miles of floor space. There were five lakes averaging ten
acres each in size and all joined by a river that ranged from fifteen feet to 50
feet in width. The water here moved quite slowly. Soundings disclosed that the
lakes were all more than two hundred feet deep and even the river ran over 50
feet deep in places. Best of all the water was warm. There must be magma
somewhere here that is not too far below the surface. They didn't really need
another park but it looked like they had found one. Once details of the Hour
Glass cavern were released they dominated not only the talk radio show but
Rusty spent at least half of his local news half hour discussing the new cavern
and what it could mean for their community.

December 2, 2108: Tunneling starts to reach the fifth cavern, 1100 feet
December 15, 2108: The fissures had all been sealed and pressure
tested and atmosphere introduced. The temperature in the hour glass was 86
degrees. Back in the Government cavern the temperature had been down in
the forties when Tim and Carla first arrived and the caverns had to be heated
for people to be comfortable. With the tunnels open and fans circulating the air
the temperature had equalized at 72 degrees everywhere and nothing had to be
December 15, 2108: Grace had more water than she new what to do
with. She was trapping fish from the other ponds and introducing them to the
lakes in the Hour Glass. Walkways were laid so as to encircle each of the lakes
and along the rivers. It might be a couple years before the fishing got really
good, and no one was allowed to fish at the Hour Glass lakes for over a year
but the fish that Grace had introduced were thriving. Grace now had a full crew
working for her doing nothing but making fish food, and migrating fish. Talk
radio spent a lot of time talking about fishing.

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