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A Colony On Mars : Chapter 21

. Tuesday, 14 April 2009

CHAPTER – The Ocean
October 7, 2108: The tunneling crew broke through to the third cavern on
their way to Utopia. As soon as breakthrough occurred the scientists dressed in
Mars suits descended on the place and started their measurements . The
cavern was almost circular and covered about twelve square miles. Almost
the whole cavern floor was covered by one giant lake. A warm spring entered
at one side of the cavern and fed the large lake. There was a stream exiting the
lake and flowing off into the a crevice in the cavern wall. The water temperature
of the lake was a mild 68 degrees. Tim knew instantly that they had found
Graces Ocean. He went to fetch Grace immediately and told her to bring her

Mars suit and follow him. When they approached the air lock Tim put his Mars
suit back on and told Grace to do likewise. While they were putting their suits
on Tim asked Grace,“Do you remember asking me to enlarge the fish ponds
because you were expecting a shipment of Salt Water fish on the Mars Runner
when it docks in December?” “Of course I remember but what does this have to
do with..?” “I'll show you Tim interrupted.” With that they went through the
double doors of the air lock and Tim presented Grace with her with her Ocean.
The natural water temperature here is 68 degrees and I seem to remember that
on Earth they used to quote water temperatures in that range on the radio” “Yes
68 would be perfect.” “Great we should have this cavern sealed and
pressurized within the week. We can install a reverse osmosis system where
that water exits and use the output as household tap water. You can put your
salt solution into the lake and when the reverse osmosis system filters it out you
can put it back into the lake.
Luckily the floor was almost level with the tunnel so the drillers continued
on their way
October 8, 2108: The four fissures in what they were all referring to as
the Ocean cavern were sealed and a pressure test was run. One of the seals
leaked a little but was quickly repaired. The cavern was pressurized by the end
of the week.
October 9, 2108: Tunneling promptly began on the next long tunnel
another nine hundred foot span. The digging went fast and easy. The workers
never had to wear their Mars suits. Men were now working the tunnel around
the clock. They were gaining more than two feet per hour at times.

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