Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Colony On Mars : Chapter 16

. Thursday, 9 April 2009

CHAPTER – Tims promotion
May 20, 2008: Carter and Tim were having a cup of coffee at the mess
hall that evening while Tim was waiting for Carla to finish. Carter said, “Tim how
would you like to have my job as Superintendent?” “Sure but where would that
leave you Carter?” “ The reason that you have been running all the operations
for the last few weeks is that I have been evaluating how you were able to
handle the job. No one other than me knows this but Walter and Thelma are
leaving Mars on the Next ship. You are a relative new comer to Mars but you
have performed perfectly. You have done everything that I have ask of you. All
I have to do is give you instructions in generalities, and never have I had to
spell out the specifics of what I wanted done. I have been offered Thelma's job
by The Company and I have selected you to take my job as Superintendent of

That means that when we reach Utopia it will be up to you to make the
construction decisions. You have everything it takes, Tim, you have your
engineering degree, your background is clean and I feel I can rely on you. The
job is yours if you want it.” Of course I want it Carter, I just don't don't know what
to say”.
“There is one more thing you may want to consider, you have mentioned
that you intend to stay on Mars and have a family. As you know that you can
buy your way out of your contract with The Company for five hundred thousand
dollars but if you want I can get The Company to release Carla from her
contract. This is a one time deal, it is not something that will be an option for
you in the future but it can come now as part of your promotion package.” “Let
me talk to Carla about it and see what she says” Tim answered. By then Carla
had finished her clean up work at the kitchen and approached them. “Carla,
lets go home there is something we need to discus.”
Carla and Tim went Round and Round all evening pointing out the
advantages and disadvantages of the offer. In the end they decided that Tim's
raise to $40, 000.00 per month would more than make up for her loss of Income
and she could have a full time job at the bank working for Alan and Remar until
they started their family. When she had to quit work to give berth to their first
child she would not be fined. “I don't know anything about working in a bank,
Tim.” “ That's OK, neither did Alan or Remar when they opened First Colonial.
Now they are real bankers.” So it was decided that Carla should be released
from her company contract.
Tim picked Hal Johnson as his assistant. The man was so competent
and knowledgeable that you just couldn't overlook him. The men all seemed to
like him, maybe his only shortcoming was that he was not a visionary like Tim
and Carter.
Alan and Remar were thrilled to have a real live employee that they did
not have to pay air fare for. Carla told them, “I know nothing about banking or
any other kind of paper work, I have been in food service since high school.”
“That was our situation but we obtained all we needed to learn from email
exchanges with Harvard School of Business and these books here in our office.
I propose that we first put you on a training program using the same materials
that we used. I printed hard copies of all our lessons and I will feed them to you
as fast as you can absorb them.” We can't afford to pay you more than $500.00
per week while you are in training but as soon as you start working we will pay
the same wage you have been earning.
March 27, 2008: Carla began training for a career in banking. At first it
was all very confusing and at times she thought that she would never get it.
Then little by little she made progress. She got to the point that when she read
something she could see how it related to something she had previously
learned. Luckily she had already learned to touch type on a keyboard and use
a ten key adding machine. After the initial shock she began to progress rapidly.

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